‘The Indigo’ Capsule Collection with Hakka Affairs Bureau

Invited by the Hakka Affairs Bureau, Pei-Wen and designer Logan Lin joined forces to craft a capsule collection that captures the artistry and tradition of Hakka indigo dyeing. This collection, comprised of five distinct looks, eloquently tells the story of the indigo dyeing process: from “tying” and “soaking” to “dyeing,” “untying,” and finally “revealing patterns.” Through a thoughtful interplay of fabric textures and materials, it artfully depicts the journey from dryness to wetness, from simplicity to grandeur.

This capsule collection was showcased at the runway of the Hakka in Style event hosted by the Hakka Affairs Bureau, alongside static displays within the bureau itself.

  • Photography: COMBINE IMAGE
  • Model: Clare Hsu
  • Make up & Hair: Winnie Sunner