Tackling Marine Plastic Waste: Engaging Plastic Upcycling Workshop at Shih Chien University

Pei-Wen brought her invaluable experience from participating in the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s ‘Dynamics of Sinking Microplastics’ expedition as an Artist-in-Residence to Shih Chien University, where she held a seminar and workshop.

She shared her insights with the university’s faculty, staff, their children, and design students, promoting awareness of marine waste issues through engaging and firsthand experiences. Participants were encouraged to bring single-use plastic waste collected from their daily lives. Under Pei-Wen’s guidance, they transformed these disposable materials into durable, waterproof accessories.

This hands-on approach not only highlighted the importance of plastic management but also inspired a collective sense of responsibility and creativity in tackling environmental challenges, integrating the significance of incorporating environmental consciousness into everyday life.