R+F5 Remake Project with REHOW

R+F5 REHOW, initiated by Rehow, is an upcycling project aiming to revitalize consumers’ old clothes by transforming them into entirely new styles. Through this initiative, cherished garments, particularly those of high quality that are no longer worn, can be repurposed and given a fresh lease of life.

As one of the collaborative designers for this project, Peiwen provides a template service that converts men’s shirts into women’s tops using a zero-waste approach. Shirts were selected due to their relatively standardized structure, allowing Peiwen to utilize her expertise in modular and systematic design. This method ensures a 100% zero-waste transformation process and creates design solutions suitable for various sizes. The reconstructed blouses offer multiple wearing styles, and their detachable collars can be coordinated well with other garments in your wardrobe.

In addition, Peiwen also offers customized design services for remake. Consumers can schedule a service through REHOW to discuss completely unique customized designs with Pei-wen. The REHOW team will then execute the remake.