Residency Collaboration with U-Market: Vessel of Future Commune

Pei-Wen was honored to be invited to Umkt, a historic traditional market in Taipei, for a residency program. She collaborated with other 8 designers from Japan and Taiwan across various fields for a joint exhibition. Their shared goal was to bridge the gap between the younger generation and the traditional market.

‘How can a fashion designer create new channels of communication between the younger generation and the local traditional market community?’ Pei-Wen proposed the creation of an interactive wearable item designed to inspire people to explore the market and find joy in the cooking and shopping process. This versatile piece, functioning as both an apron and a bag, offers multiple wearing options and is crafted using Pei-Wen’s expertise in zero-waste pattern making. By encouraging wearers to create their own distinctive marks or stains through their encounters with the traditional market, it evolves into a personalized symbol of their unique experiences.