The Tangram is a patent-granted experimental line within the brand peiwenjin, introducing a groundbreaking zero-waste modular fashion concept inspired by designer Pei-Wen’s childhood toy, the tangram puzzle. This line represents a practical approach to building a circular and sustainable wardrobe while offering an innovative, playful and ever-evolving wearing experience.

Through a simple threading process, The Tangram can be seamlessly assembled into a variety of garments and accessories. Imagine the beauty and emotional richness when formal gowns, which are typically worn only once, can be disassembled and re-threaded to transform into new outfit or even bags for everyday use. This showcases the enchanting versatility of our system, liberating garments from the confines of a single style and granting them boundless potential and a timeless allure.

The Tangram fosters a deeper connection between the wearer and their clothing. By inviting individuals to participate in the creation and transformation of their garments, we nurture a sense of ownership and creativity. Each piece becomes a canvas for personal expression, evolving with the wearer’s lifestyle and needs. This interactive approach not only reduces waste but also cultivates a heartfelt relationship with fashion.