peiwenjin, as a label, is synonymous with zero waste pattern cutting, reflecting designer Pei-Wen’s unique taste and aesthetic, as well as her insights into geometric shapes and human body dimensions. This approach ensures the utmost respect for every resource. Each material is cherished as a precious asset, undergoing a magical transformation and perpetual cycling.

Beyond sustainability, peiwenjin deeply values the harmony of imagination and precision. Our style embodies a modern yet playful sophistication. Each garment is meticulously designed to offer both comfort and elegance, empowering you to effortlessly express your authentic self.

Most fabrics woven from warp and weft threads form rectangular shapes, while the structure of garments is irregular. This mismatch leads to 15-20% of fabric being discarded during traditional garment-making processes. Over time, this waste has been seen as a natural and acceptable part of the fashion industry. However, fabric itself is a delicate craft, representing not just the natural resources but also human creativity and effort. We believe it deserves better. At peiwenjin, our patterns are ingeniously designed to interlock like puzzle pieces, ensuring that every piece of fabric is utilized to its fullest potential and cherished for years to come.