The Contemporary Shadow Play Show with Taiyuan Asian Puppet Theatre Museum

Pei-Wen collaborated with the Taiyuan Asian Puppet Theatre Museum to create a unique collection inspired by the traditional art of shadow puppetry. Shadow play, an ancient form of storytelling, uses intricately crafted figures to cast shadows on a screen, depicting various characters and narratives.

Drawing inspiration from the distinct ‘side-facing’ appearance of shadow puppet characters, Pei-Wen integrated elements of perspective and sharp silhouettes into the designs. Through meticulous hand-sewing and hand-cut hollowing techniques, she transformed these concepts into two exquisite outfits representing male and female puppet characters.

The collection was unveiled in the historic and charming district of Dadaocheng. Model Clare Hsu showcased the female look, while the male look was brought to life by the founder of the Taiyuan Asian Puppet Theatre Museum, Paul Lin.

  • Studio Photography: COMBINE IMAGE / Event Photography: YUAN’s SHOT
  • Models: Paul Lin, Willy Chang, Clare Hsu
  • Make up & Hair: Rocky Lo