Artist-in-Residence on Schmidt Ocean Institute’s ‘Dynamics of Sinking Microplastics’ Expedition

As a proud Redress Alumni, Pei-Wen had the honor of participating as an artist-in-residence on the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s ‘Dynamics of Sinking Microplastics’ expedition. Joining a team of scientists from Denmark, Pei-Wen embarked from Panama to closely observe the research and sampling processes related to oceanic microplastics. Throughout the journey, Pei-Wen engaged in extensive exchanges with the scientists and crew, gaining profound insights into microplastic pollution and its impact on marine environments.

Pei-Wen came to a profound realization of the impact of the fashion industry on microplastic pollution. Immersed in the dynamic, rhythmic, and life-sustaining energy of the ocean, she felt deeply moved and inspired. It was as if she heard the whispers of nature in the embrace of the sea, sensing both the fragility of the ecosystem and humanity’s duty and responsibility.

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As a fashion designer, Pei-Wen created personalized fashion illustrations for each team member, capturing their unique roles on the ship. These illustrations were presented as commemorative gifts. Ultimately, the collective artwork, featuring all team members, was printed and displayed, celebrating this remarkable journey.