peiwenjin, born from the creative vision of designer Pei-Wen Jin, embodies an aesthetic where romance gracefully intertwines with rationality. The brand embarks on a captivating journey, weaving through the realms of imagination and sustainability with a gentle and enchanting zero-waste philosophy. Guided by the profound belief that ‘Nothing is lost, Everything is transformed,’ it celebrates the natural cycle of metamorphosis, wherein each creation breathes new life into the existing, rather than simply creating or destroying.

What We Do

Our brand, peiwenjin, is founded on the principles of sincerity and consciousness. We aim to provide a refreshing choice that aligns with your vision of an ideal lifestyle. Through various enriching collaborations, we create exciting projects and share our values through engaging workshops. Additionally, we offer three distinct sub-labels:

peiwenjin, as a label, is renowned for zero waste pattern-cutting, reflecting an aesthetic that embodies modernity with a playful yet sophisticated touch. SOFT YET_ brings forgotten objects to life, upcycling reclaimed materials into one-of-a-kind treasures through exquisite craftsmanship and storytelling. The Tangram features modular clothing designed for creative assembly, encouraging wearer engagement and personalization to create sustainable wardrobes.

peiwenjin, a label known for zero waste cutting, reflects designer Pei-Wen’s unique aesthetic and understanding of geometry and body dimensions, incorporating a style that blends modernity with playful sophistication.

SOFT YET_ shares the touching narrative of each forgotten object, revealing one-of-a-kind creations where reclaimed materials are tenderly upcycled into treasures through love and exquisite craftsmanship.

The Tangram, a patented line, offers modular clothing that can be creatively assembled and reassembled. Valuing the wearer’s engagement, it invites them to transform their sustainable wardrobe into a personal expression.



Our commitment to sustainability means creating a better world for people and the planet. We honor our past, present, and future achievements by being mindful of our environmental impact. Using eco-friendly materials and sustainable production methods, we strive to leave a positive legacy for future generations.


Transparency is essential to us. We are clear about our processes, offerings, and intentions, taking full responsibility for our actions. By being open and honest, we build trust and integrity with our customers and partners, driving positive change through accountability.


Connection is at the heart of our values. We foster deep relationships with our community, customers, and collaborators. By listening and embracing feedback, we create an environment where every voice is valued and heard, building a supportive and inclusive community.


We celebrate diversity and ensure everyone feels welcome and valued. Inclusivity touches every aspect of our business, from design to customer service. By championing inclusivity, we aim to create a brand that embraces and uplifts all individuals.


Each piece we create reflects our heritage, showcasing patience, beauty, and enduring quality. We take immense pride in the meticulous artistry involved in every product. By celebrating timeless techniques and embracing innovation, we bring our artisans’ passion to life in every detail.


2023 Finalist of R|ELAN™ presents Circular Design Challenge in partnership with UN in India
2023 Finalist of iD Emerging Designer Awards
2021 Runner-up Mentorship with Orsola de Castro Winner of Redress Design Award

Taiwan fashion designer and researcher based, Pei-Wen is deeply committed to advancing the circular reuse of textile waste and contributing to the establishment of sustainable practices within the fashion industry through her ongoing research. Her expertise lies in zero-waste pattern cutting, where she holds patents for pioneering innovative modular methods to minimize waste. She firmly believes that the only way for industry to coexist with nature is to consider sustainability as a necessary priority in every decision.